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System Control Center

Power Pak - Balboa                220V/50A

Heater                                               4kw

Microban Filtration                Standard

Summit Spas LED Lighting    Standard

(1) 2 Speed Pump                   195 GPM

(1) Turbo Boost Air Pump      Standard



Width                                80"

Length                              84"

Height                               36"

Average Fill                      350 GL

Dry Weight                      700 LB

Average Full Weight       3622 LB

Seating Capacity             4-5

 Available Options*


Thermal Bond Full Foam Insulation:

  •  In addition to the foamed shell, the open spaces of the cabinet are filled with expanding foam.

Sound Options:

  •  Bluetooth Audio System
  •  Subwoofer (Requires Bluetooth Audio System)

LE Package  -  Not Available

* Additional costs, see Summit Dealer for Pricing

38 Total Jets

 Standard SE System


Passive Impact Therapy System

Power Massage:  (1)

Direct Impact™ Therapy System

  • Versa-Flo™ Jets:  (37)
  • TOTAL JETS:  (38)

Valve Systems

  • Versa-Flo™ Air Control: (1)
  • Versa-Flo™ Valve: (1)
  • TOTAL VALVES:  (2)

Thermal Bond Insulation System

  • Sealed Base
  • Thermal Bond™ Wrap
  • Foam Encased Shell

Duo Clean System

  • Duo Circulation™
  • Microban™  Filtration
  • Duo Zone™ Ozone
  • Top Loading Skimmer

 Standard SE System


  • Treaded Footwell
  •  Footwell Spa Drain
  • Slide Valves
  • 7/3/2 Warranty


  •  TriLayer™ Spa Shell
  • MultiWeather™ Cabinet
  • Duo Tone™ Jet Accents


 LED Lighting System


  • LED Waterfall
  • LED Waterline Facets


  • LED Backlit Skimmer Niche
  • LED Main Spa Lighting

Our 7/3/2 Warranty

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Summit Spas Owners Manual

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