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Summit Spas™ is Quality Pool Supply  Company's trademarked line of whirlpool spas. We have been supplying the highest quality spas to a network of independent dealers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1978.


We currently have six warehouse locations in Michigan and Ohio that stock spas for speedy delivery to our network of Summit Spa™ dealers in the Midwest.



We began in 1971 building innovative inground swimming pool kit packages for Michigan pool retailers and builders. In 1978 we added acrylic spas to our offering.  Our UL Listed Summit Spas are engineered and manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in Lathum, New York by Saratoga Spa & Bath Company.  They have over 45 years experience manufacturing the highest quality acrylic spas and inground swimming pools.



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Summit Spas were designed for moments just like this!

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